February 19 Launch Post

Paul Farmer’s liberation theology revolves around the ideal of equality for the poor as well as the wealthy. He strongly questions why the poor, people who usually have worse health than the wealthy, can not seem to get the aid that they need to live a healthy life. He draws on examples from third world countries such as Haiti and some in Latin America. Along with taking his own experiences as examples to support his claim he also quotes other authors. One that he includes is named Jon Sobrino. Sobrino is quoted on the sixth slide on the right side of the page. The quote that I found to be quite debatable is the last sentence that states, “…the poor of the world are not the casual products of human history. No, poverty results from the actions of other human beings.” Paul Farmer claims this as well when he writes about how the wealthy are not putting forth the effort they should to aid those who need help. Do you think poverty is solely based on the actions of other human beings or is their any blame on the people themselves? What about those who inflict poverty on themselves by poor decision making? Should they receive the same “necessary care” that Paul Farmer says those in third world countries deserve? If these questions don’t churn any discussion then try the following: How would an individual who became addicted to drugs and therefore lives in poverty respond to this quote?

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