Launch Post for February 20th!

What is entailed in the statement of one’s right to life?  Farmer approaches this question from the perspective of the poor and addresses the issue that he believes that the poor are not receiving their full right to life simply due to their economic and social status status.  The poor, therefore, are not being given their right to life due to the casualty of their lacking in other human rights as well, such as their social and economic rights. Farmer makes many poignant statements throughout his writing. One that especially opened my eyes was the statistic that “in these past ten years, 150,000 of our indigenous brothers and sisters have died from curable disease. I saw this statement as a call to action.  If there are cures for the suffering that one is encountering, why are they not being served? The call to action and the tone of pressing urgency Farmer uses in his writing peaked my curiosity on how change can be made from outside communities, but also how the poor communities can work with them to change their fortune.  Farmer proposes an idea that I agree is with, saying that change can be rooted through small communities. I believe that in dealing with such an immense, global issue, it can be overwhelming to determine where to start, but in some cases starting with small steps can produce large outreaching effects.  The most unique part of Farmer’s call to action, which I believe may give his approach the possibility of success, is that before any action is taken, one must observe.  I agree with this in that, in order to fix a problem that arises, especially amongst a group of people, it is absolutely essential that one truly understand the people or community that they are serving. This is the only way to ensure that the efforts of service are truly benefiting the people in the most efficient and effective way possible. I believe that service is most effective when it is done in solidarity with the people that are being served, giving responsibility to both the servants and those receiving the service.

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  1. fancycashew says:

    I was equally astonished by Farmer’s statistic about the 150,000 people. Yes it is a call to action, but what and who’s action? The middle and upper classes, the government, perhaps even the poor themselves? Is it purely through taxes and assigning some third party group to help deal with the problems of the poor, or through service and directly serving the poor? Whatever the answer, I cannot agree with you more on the power of small steps. For proof of this look towards any great accomplishment, heck, look at *any* accomplishment and you will find that the accomplishment is the sum of a large amount of steps. Kudos, daretobepresent.

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