Meta: Aimed at Change

Farmer’s liberation theology asks for a huge call to action because the current realm of help is not succeeding. There is still so much to correct and in some ways we are trying to correct it wrongly. Many posts as well as in our class discussion, we ask how to make this change. What is the correct call to action if we are doing it wrong? Some scold Farmer for criticizing society then not giving us the answer to change it. However, in a more general sense, a call to action can be almost anything. As in any situation, since nothing is perfect, theoretically there are endless problems. And since there are endless problems, there are endless solutions. It is hard to give one answer to a problem because creativity and other possibilities are then lost. One would simply follow the directions of another when there may be a better answer. So a call to action can be anything for the betterment of mankind as long as it follows basic morals and aimed to help. There is no correct answer.

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