Meta: (On behalf of a SLUWRITER) Is Farmer a pro-Marxist Socialist?

One thing I noticed as a popular writing technique was the use of direct quotes. Of the seven launch posts, all of them used at least one quote from the reading, four of them mentioning Jon Sobrino. Of the eight query posts, three of them cited specific statements within the article. Even a fellow meta-poster has quoted many of the bloggers in his or her evaluation of this week’s discussion. I find this interesting, yet to be expected. Most of us like to look at a particular claim made by the author of a reading and break it down in our own interpretation instead of identifying and explaining the over-arching ideas from the passage. To focus on the actual material, I saw somewhat of a trend of commenting on Marxist-Socialism. graphophobiia said, “Farmer does indeed seem to be advocating for a version of Marxist-socialism in Pathologies of Power.” In contrast, yellow63 said, “I don’t think that Farmer is calling for a form of Marxist socialism…” There is a difference of opinion here as to what Farmer is saying about a new social order in the world. In my opinion, these interpretations are what make a blog like this engaging and thought-provoking.

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