Meta-post: responsibility

One of the major themes that have been coming up in people’s responses is responsibility. In one sense, who is responsible for the poverty that exits right now? Colonelokeefe asks if “poverty is solely based on the actions of other human beings or is there any blame on the people themselves?” Solebearing also brings it up in his/her statement “In my eyes, Farmer has simply accused ever person in the world that is not starving to death of killing those who are by not doing anything”. The second sense of responsibility is what are the wealthy responsible to do when faced with poverty? Some people say he was not detailed enough in what people were supposed to be doing in order to solve this issue. Yellow63 says the responsibility is to “reevaluate where exactly their [physicians] concern lies”. Daretobepresent says “it can be overwhelming to determine where to start, but in some cases starting with small steps can produce large outreaching effects”. And in a response to this fancycashew asks “Is it purely through taxes and assigning some third party group to help deal with the problems of the poor, or through service and directly serving the poor?” Both the idea of who is responsible for the poverty and what is the responsibility of the upper class are important questions. Without understanding who, or what, is the cause of the problem, adequate steps can’t be taken to solve it. Also the fact that we are concerned about what our responsibility is to solve these issues shows that we are trying to make a better future. I think this class has the right idea, figure out the root of the problem, and then what can be done to fix it, in that order.


About Elizabeth

Hello. If you’re reading this blog you probably know who I am, but in case you don’t: My name is Elizabeth. I’m from Buffalo, NY. I go to college in Saint Louis, MO. and right now I’m studying abroad in Brussels, which is in Belgium (which is not in France, or Germany, or Genovia..) and I live in a small town called Tervuren. It’s a bit complicated.This blog is mainly about the small things I notice that are different between where I’ve grown up and lived and here in Europe/Belgium/Brussels/Tervuren or wherever my study abroad adventures take me. Most of the things i talk about are really of not much importance, but are interesting to me. Sorry if you think it’s lame and boring. Have a great day!
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