Meta: Paul Farmer: Calling for Action

Reading this week’s blog posts regarding Pathologies of Power by Paul Farmer turned up a few repeated ideas. First off, as mentioned by a few people, Farmer seems to be writing from a Marxist-socialism point of view. This is a debatable topic, as this has already been brought up by graphophobiia and yellow63. There seems to be quite a difference of opinion, which leads to great discussion points. Secondly, many people talked about Farmer’s liberation theology which in essence is calling for action due to the lack of effort overall. Thirdly, the “stupid deaths” are brought up frequently as well. Bellajoelleseiz sums it up nicely when he or she says, “the premature deaths are referring to the poor who do not receive adequate health care and therefore die earlier than they would if they had access to health care.” Paul Farmer refers to these deaths as “stupid deaths” and I completely agree with him. Lastly, another trend was the usage of direct quotes from the reading. I feel this really helped strengthen the bloggers argument / opinion, and gave the readers an essential piece of information.


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