Tug of War

After examining the launch and query posts it seemed to me that our bloggers have begun an educated argument over several of Farmer’s key points. Several people agreed with Farmer that stupid deaths are in fact stupid and should be avoided, however our bloggers disagreed over what the best way to avoid such deaths would be.  Two of our bloggers engaged in a disagreement over the role of the wealthy and debated whether they hindered the poor or helped the poor. These bloggers disputed over whether or not the wealth have a greater responsibility to the poor due to their abundant blessings.  Some of our bloggers thought that Farmer came across too harsh and that although these deaths, may be stupid, there is no exact person to pinpoint or punish for them.  Our bloggers had a hard time deciding exactly how to solve the issue of stupid deaths.  Many of our bloggers like Farmer’s methodology and used it as a lens when analyzing specific quotes from Farmer’s article. We had another blogger debate. This one was about whether or not a preferential option for the poor will actually work. Overall our bloggers had some uneasiness with Farmer’s words and challenged each other with their own interpretations.

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