Everyone Needs a Safe Zone (Launch Post 2/27)

“I See Everything Through This Tragedy” and “How to Halt the Butchery in Syria” address problems of violence that are taking place thousands of miles apart from each other, yet both articles give steps on how to end the violence.  In the first article, “I See Everything Through This Tragedy,” Kotlowitz paints an eerie scene of the effects of street violence in urban communities.  Displayed through many examples and vivid stories, he shows how witnessing this violence can shut a person down.  Kotlowitz shows the urgent need for a place where people can talk about violent acts they have witnessed.  Both children and adults are affected, and until they can talk about what they have seen, it is possible they will never feel safe, and it will be hard for them to trust other people.  In the second article, “How to Halt the Butchery in Syria,” Anne-Marie Slaughter gives a plan of intervention for the Syrian civil-war.  This article explains how the international community is planning on establishing “no-kill zones” along the borders of Syria.  These will allow humanitarian aid workers a safe place, and these zones will also give the Syrian army members a place where they can defect from Mr. Assad, the president of Syria.  As Slaughter writes, “The international community can draw on the power of nonviolence and create zones of peace in what are now zones of death.”

Both of these articles address ways in which we can establish safe places for people affected by violence.  Whether they are the ones getting shot or if they have witnessed violence or if a loved one has been lost to violence, all of these people have the same need – a place where they can call safe.  By establishing safe zones, I think the violence can be stopped.  I know I have fought with a family member or friend and after a while, we don’t even know what we are fighting about.  I think this is similar to a lot of wars.  Two people start a fight, and eventually everybody around them is fighting, but no one knows why.  If we establish safe zones and “no-kill zones”, people can make that choice to stop fighting.  If there isn’t anywhere for them to go besides into the war, the violence will never stop.  These zones can also protect people who are affected by violence or people who are getting oppressed.  They are a place where people can go to be safe, and I think everyone has a right to feel safe.

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