Not just Inner-City and Infantry

I am personally a big believer in trying your best to be kind and polite to everyone. Not just because it is easier to make friends and avoid fights this way, but mainly because you never know what an individual could be dealing with in their personal life. The idea of never really knowing what an individual experiences in their own life could and should be applied to the Kotlowitz article. I think that Kotlowitz’s only referring to those residing in inner-cities or soldiers who have experienced war ignores a large portion people who could quite possibly be experiencing the same sort of post-traumatic stress being discussed in his article. Yes, the greatest concentration of individuals with PTSD might fall under the two categories discussed but I believe that it is good to point out that any individual whom we encounter could have a more difficult life than one would expect. Even those from rich families who live in high class neighborhoods could possibly have (for a hypothetic example) an alcoholic mother who abused them as a child – indefinitely a form of violence. Mainly, this recognition that PTSD can affect anyone from the best and worst of roots makes an individual aware not to rule out the possibility of PTSD. Although I do not believe it was Kotlowitz’s intention to ignore anyone with PTSD in his article I do believe he could have made it more explicit to not rule out the possibility for anyone.

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