Meta Post 3/1

The blogs that were based on this week’s readings showed some general trends worth noting. Most bloggers felt that Cease Fire was a good organization with a good purpose that would benefit the community in due time. Many bloggers even offered their own suggestions to improve the organization. One blogger in particular suggested that the program not only help solve gun violence, but also help prevent gang initiaion as well. Yellow63 tends to agree with this, stating that “young minds are often trained so early to be scary instead of being afraid of others” and that “this idea of preventing the enculturation of violence in the minds of youth would transform the statistics with time.” This blogger seems to be promoting an educational  program to teach youth of the consequences of violence and help them to decide against getting involved with gangs. Indeed, many bloggers strongly agreed with the quote: “punishment doesn’t drive behavior…copying and modeling the social expectations of your peers is what drives your behavior.” So, as more and more peers choose not to join gangs, there might be hope that youth will follow this path and violence will decrease. In “How to Halt the Butchery in Syria”, many bloggers came to conficting viewpoints on the specific issue: should America focus on its internal violence, or should it reach out to struggling places like Syria. Swifttigercrouchinginwoods argues that it is necessary for somebody to help these people, however “we need to focus on our internal violence first.” On the other hand, fornarnia and hellohisunshine felt that America should be involved with intervention. Indeed, fornarnia voiced the opinion that in order to obtain peace, America should intervene: “Peace is not about personal meditation and surrender. It is about being useful and fighting for those who cannot and standing up to those who oppress.”

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