Of the following answers more than one may be correct…

The tone that is spread throughout the responses to the articles read for this week and the other blogger’s posts seem to be that of the thought process of a student taking a multiple choice test.  Each arguing why they believe a certain answer is correct.  I imagine the question would read something like this: How does one establish safe places and promote peace? (A similar question to that asked by Kotlowitz)                                                                                                          A. By example                                                                                                       B. Through servanthood/active protection                                                            C. Violence                                                                                                           D. Education

In support of answer A, by example, the idea of the no kill zones in Syria was brought up as evidence that this may be a success.  It was argued that if the people of Syria see non violence in their surroundings, they too will be encouraged to look to peace as an answer. Yellow63 argues that “youth learn by what they see” so it is through example that one can promote peace, both internally and internationally.  In contrast, many thought that activism was necessary to end violence.  They argue that the US has been working on creating peace domestically, but it is naive to think that other countries simply look for an example of peace.  Instead, as fornarnia states in support of choice B, one must “fight for those who are not able to fight for themselves.” Through activism we will be able to protect the innocent and set them free.  Others argue that the only way to end violence is through violence itself.  This answer truly contradicts choice A, because if we are to end violence by example, then returning violence with violence would only support more violence.  Some argue that violent acts are the only way to reach a means to an end which is desperately needed.  Finally, most of the bloggers agreed that some form of education is needed to end violence. Hushuba states “the only way to ensure the violence turns to peace is to help the children when they are young.” Many support education through communication, ending the cycle of violence by letting the youth talk about what they witness and how it affects them.

Regardless of which answer is correct or if there is only one correct answer, it was generally agreed upon that violence effects more than the victim, it effects everyone that it surrounds. As perrytheplatypus22 states, even “witnessing violence can shut a person down.” Because of these traumatic effects of violence, something must be done to end it and prevent it.

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