SO: what’s the tipping point? (meta 3/1)

In looking at the launch and query posts and in reference to solebearing’s meta post, the question unanswered seems to be, “where’s the cure/answer/solution?” Instead of bringing you the answer to this difficult question, I bring you a new question, “what’s going to be the tipping point?”
What’s a tipping point you may ask? In Malcom Gladwell’s nonfiction book called “The Tipping Point” he brings a new way to finding revolutions to everyday crises. A tipping point is an outside force or action that lead to an extreme revolution or epidemic. Gladwell draws on many examples where trends or fads occur from what seems to be an outside force or some unrelated action of either an individual or a group of individuals. This concept may seem hard to grasp but let me “take it to the streets” to clear up what a tipping point is. Gladwell references the decline in crime in New York City during the 1990’s. New York City had been known for it’s immense amount of crime, shootings, and gang violence (sound familiar to the articles we just read about Chicago??). The city council and police decided that simply enforcing rules, increasing police presence, and instituting programs against crime was not enough. They needed to take a step back and look at every single variable that went hand in hand with crime in New York City. A theory was brought to the table called the “Broken Windows Theory.” This theory was that the areas where buildings were deteriorating and overall communities were in poor, physical shape was were most of the crime was occurring. The belief was that addressing the small, fixable problems would lead to the larger ones solving themselves. After eliminating graffiti, fixing many broken windows and buildings crime in New York City reached an all time low in the 1990’s. Gladwell genuinely attributes the fixing of these small problems to the fixing of the crime rate in New York City.
So maybe the answer isn’t fixing the education of youth (yellow63), or instituting “no kill zones” (perrytheplatypus22) or even stop the gangs instead of shootings (writerX3). Perhaps all Chicago needs is a tipping point. Some outside factors or actions that in turn will change the environment these shootings and gangs are happening in. Maybe Ceasefire, if redirected to fixing more minor issues, can be the tipping point for crime in Chicago.

I strongly recommend everyone to read more into this book “The Tipping Point.” Both of the following links give you a general idea as to the stance which Gladwell takes.

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