Communication, people!

What is the age old “bit of wisdom” for married couples?  It’s all about communication.  I believe the same holds true for the violence that plagues the world and our cities today, and that seems to be a main theme of the posts this week.  We need to be able to effectively communicate our problems with others.  Lack of understanding is what leads to disagreements in the first place, and those just escalate into unnecessary violence, whether on local, national, or global scale.  In “I See Everything through this Tragedy,” Kotlowitz makes the point that most victims of tragedy and their families don’t get the opportunity to talk it out near as much as they need to.  Violence affects people in negative ways, as is clear.  Perrytheplatypus22 says, “…they will never feel safe, and it will be hard for them to trust other people.”  This lack of trust and safe-feelings is what continues the vicious circle of violent actions.  Programs like CeaseFire intervene by talking down those in violent situations, and have been very successful.  In his article “Blocking the Transmission of Violence,” Kotlowitz uses language such as “convince,” “persuade,” and “let vent” to describe the actions of CeaseFire.  It is clear that communication is their main task to stop the spread of violence.  Of the article on Syria calmexpress makes the point that between the surrounding countries “meetings are held, intelligence gathered, and solutions procured.”  It seems to me that a common agreement among everyone this week is that communication about violence can help create solutions and break the vicious circle, as hashubah points out.  How to go about that communication most effectively is what is in high debate, but there are many promising options that have been discussed, such as education in schools, talking about peace solutions in meetings between countries, and counseling for victims and those affected by violence in any way.  All of these are great options, and I really think that communication is the central key to ending violence, but there has to be communication coming from many different angles in order for it to effect change.  Hashubah is right, communication gives us the “means to make peace.”

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