Meta: “Not shy, but fatal”

While the opinions expressed for the three articles are mixed in reception and action one idea stands consistent: The “life altering, unrelenting, and spiritually depleting” nature of violence, written by calmexpress.

The blogs follow five points of analysis: Violence, PTSD, grief, safe zones, and peace. The bloggers write to understand how these five points fit into the interrupters, or Ceasefire.

The treatment of violence is complex, but the bloggers know violence when they see it. The bloggers understand the reality of violence quoting statistics and personal experiences. They cite the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s finding that the leading cause of death for African-American men in the last 25 years is murder, and the personal account of Torres and Hoddenbach with their encounters of shooting. With this the bloggers are concerned about the effects of violence on the population. Hashubah says that the mental well-being of children is the most important thing in this struggle. The victimized population suffers from a societal PTSD that uses grief for an agent of revenge. That inability to express grief in a healthy manner leads to the cycle of violence to be repeated. Many see the purpose of CeaseFire to break that cycle of violence and allow people to grieve.

The general census says the education is the best way to break the cycle. Giving children the avenue to dream and set goals will stop shootings. Schools need protection. Schools have become zones of fighting and violence. The application of safe zones to school was popular. Safe zones would make schools and other selected locations havens of security. For safe zones to work violence would be used to keep the zones safe. It was question if then the actions could be considered violence. The action, in the end, is for positive means. Fornarnia points out that violence is sometimes necessary for peace to be achieved.

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