Sometimes Evil Wins Over Good (Meta 03/02/12)

The overall theme I found focused on how to stop violence, whether in Syria or in our own communities. I noticed a lot of statements showing how violence is a psychological problem leading to a physical problem. The idea that violence leads to someone wanting revenge then causing even more violence shows how this process occurs in our heads. If humans didn’t feel the need to get revenge, then maybe there would be an end to violence. I don’t believe people can just stop feeling the need for revenge though. A lot of times emotions hit us that we’ve never felt before, and sometimes we don’t have control over them. Often times in acts of violence, the person is so angry or worked up that the emotion blocks their memory; they have no idea what they have just done. This proves how sometimes humans don’t have control over their actions which then leads to violence. Violence also leads to psychological syndromes like PTSD. Many people around the person hurt by violence are affected too. This syndrome is common among veterans returning from war as well as those affected by violence. This shows had violence spreads from person to person, but the comparison of violence to and epidemic is not correct to me. You have the choice to inflict violence while you can’t decide whether you’re going to get a disease. To prevent and/or cure violence there are many programs such as CeaseFire (this came up multiple times in the blog) which focus on one aspect of violence – shootings. As hard as we try and as much as we want to succeed, the truth is there may not be a cure to violence. I think people believe in good things and good winning over evil, but what if evil really wins over good? Many times it’s easier for people to act violently than it is for people to act kindly, and violence has a great impact on people. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but there may not be a cure. Violence may, and probably will be, a part of human life forever.

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