Meta: Combination.

This week’s posts and comments seem to be focusing on three separate concepts: the shame of being poor, the American society which has made this poverty possible, and the question of how can we remedy these issues? There is a lot of emphasis on how the poor do not speak up and a constant example of how Barbie was ashamed to explain her situation. However, once Barbie opened up about her poverty it made her feel much better. To expound more upon the society which made stories such as Barbie’s possible, there is mentioning of how the distribution of wealth is an issue in America. There was even a few who were outraged that people in the wealthiest nation on Earth could live like Barbie. “Hellosunshine” was confused at how the Declaration of Independence could mention rights of life, liberty , and the pursuit of happiness but allow for poverty in our country. “Twoheadedmouse” kindly reminded that the Declaration of Independence outlines our “core aspirations” in the country’s founding, it is not a document of law. However, I believe that all of these discussions could be combined into one idea. That is, the shame which the poor feels does need to be voiced, and voiced to the government. We live in a democracy, why is the distribution of wealth so unbalanced? Because much of the poor does not vote. What is a possible way to change what is happening? Find a way to educate and convince the poor to not be ashamed to make voting a priority and let their voice be heard. The middle class is the largest class, yet those in the upper class carry the most voters. The idea that the shame the poor feel needs to be eliminated, and the appall that such poor could exist in our country are extremely valid. Combining them and applying them to ways we can change our legal system could possibly be how we answer the question of “what can we do about these things?”

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