Meta: Taking Care of the Poor – Mentally & Physically

After reading this week’s launch and query posts, it is obvious that this class has one conclusion in common: poor people have rights too.  There were multiple references to the Declaration of Independence and how everyone – no matter how much money you have – should have the right to food and shelter.  There was also a reoccurring theme of action plans as to how we can help people who live in poverty have access these rights.  Sproles43’s query post stated that both of these readings can help stimulate “…social change that lessens the burden of poverty.”  Many launch posters including hashubah, joycemichelle, and dreamsicle123 argue that the first step to helping the poor is to help the poor know that there is no shame in being poor and needing help.  Joycemichelle’s post made it clear that “…erasing the stigma that getting help means giving up” is part of the solution.  Many posters also gave suggestions as to how we can get others involved in advocacy for the poor as well.  Limegreenlover and joycemichelle both mentioned that education for the poor and for those who are not poor is important.  I think our class is most interested in what can be done to better the mental and physical well-beings of the poor.  I thought it was interesting that there was just as much talk about ending the feeling of shame as there was talk about how to better the living conditions of the poor.  It is obvious that both Barbie’s story and The Lesson created a desire to advocate for the poor.

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