Meta: Fighting Social Stigma – Shame

In the articles given there seems to be an occuring theme of shame.  “[Barbie] speaks about finding shame in asking for help” (JoyceMichelle), “Barbie feeling the guilt that her children would never know that the cold outside is not supposed to inside too” (f0rnarnia), “The guilt and shame she feels is the same feeling that Barbie talks about when asked to take a survey by a lady at the emergency room” (focushoneynut).  These three authors and multiple others mentioned guilt that Barbie felt.  The first quote by JoyceMichelle sums it up the best.  Barbie was in shame for asking for help.  She was caught up in the social stigma that by asking for help one is a failure.

I believe the other writers of this blog touched upon this social stigma without actually calling it by name.  My favorite line to fight this stigma came from Hashubah: “If we want to start to fight poverty we must begin by fighting shame, and letting people know that they are worthy of help.”  This is an incredibly true statement, but I think it needs to be expanded upon slightly.  A human being is not made to be by his or herself.  We are social creatures and we are also imperfect.  People are meant to raise each other up and help one another, it is how we reach excellence in our daily lives.  The fact that there is the social stigma that to be in need of help is failure is a direct contradiction to our very being.

As a people, we need to fight this social stigma because it simply is not who we are.

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