Meta post: the slu community

In this week’s post, I really saw the emotions come out of the writers in the class.  It goes to show that this is a subject that is near and dear in the hearts of many.  Bambara’s article was a really moving article.  Many of the writer’s wrote about what poverty does to us as human beings.  It made me realize that nearly everyone in the class felt some sort of poverty in his or her life.  It may not just be a financial poverty.  It could be any kind of poverty from loneliness to many other types.

I also saw the desire in people to try to fix this problem.  Daretobepresent and JoyceMichelle both spoke about solutions.  “Personally I think it’s a mix of all of these, educating, allowing those afflicted to be as self-sufficient as possible, and erasing the stigma that getting help means giving up” (Joyce Michelle).  This week’s post remind me of the vibe that hovers around campus.  We are a strong, caring Jesuit community.  We all have a common desire to help others.  What better place is there to work on solutions to problems like poverty and internal emotional problems than a group of people with a common interest like we have here at St. Louis University?

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