Meta: The Big Picture

My classmates seem to be interested in the overall well being of humans, no matter their socioeconomic background. Shame and guilt were running themes that bloggers recognized in their reading. Then, many of the writers reflected this into their own lives. One thought provoking post, in my opinion, was from limegreenlover: “…Barbie is forced to walk around in injustice’s shoes and figure out how to be a single mother, work, take care of her children, and ask for help.” It’s hard to generalize, but it seems as though the majority of us in this class have not been faced with this dilemma. This piece of literature and this short film have opened up the brutal realities of what it is like to live in poverty every day.
So, many bloggers questioned, where is our role in this as students who oftentimes, as f0rnarnia stated, “spend more than $1000 to eat a semester at SLU.” Hellohisunshine says that “[t]he marginalized, impoverished, and disadvantaged are silenced and ignored. Someone needs to listen to them and someone needs to speak up.” Members of this class want to take action; that seems clear to me.
Bloggers recognized that those living in poverty are facing two struggles: a biological one to meet basic physiological needs (one that oftentimes means that your children eat and you do not) and, as daretobepresent states, an “internal struggle with shame.” Members of this class are recognizing that it’s not a one-dimensional issue. I think this is a testimony on how our Jesuit-influenced education is influencing our perspective of the world: we are educating our whole being, learning to be men and women for others, and we acknowledge the physical and deep internal needs of those who are struggling in this system.

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