Launch Post 3/25: Actions have multiple consequences

In Divakaruni’sLive Free and Starve,she highlights the importance of analyzing the consequences of actions from multiple perspectives. For example, to many Americans, child labor seems horrible and needs to be stopped at all costs. However, if one considers the viewpoint of a child forced into labor, he or she would realize that this may be a preferred option over freedom without a shelter or food. Indeed, these two items are arguably more essential to an individual than freedom. Divakaruni argues that if the US makes decisions to end child labor, we also need to take on the responsibility of providing these children with food, shelter, and maybe even an education. Similarly, in Javdani’sPlata o Plomo: Silver or Lead,she also argues that the US needs to examine consequences before pursuing an action. For example, Colombia “is one of the top recipients of US money and miltiary weaponry and equipment.” Javdani questions this US spending, arguing that it has been used for purposes other than ending drug trade and violence. Instead, she argues that the US should focus on the homefront, eliminating the demand for illegal drugs in the US, which will in turn eliminate the supply of drugs in Colombia and the violence that is involved with the drug trade. Divakaruni might disagree with this approach, however. She might argue that if the drug trade is hindered, many Colombians would lose their source of income and find a hard time making a living. Thus,  if the US ends the drug trade, Divakaruni might argue that the US should also support those who become jobless from this decision. Ultimately, both authors would agree that the US should look at multiple consequences from an action before making a decision.

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