Faults in Actions of the United States

Both of these pieces discuss a cause and effect relationship between the United States and another country. Divakaruni’s Live Free and Starve discusses child laborers in Third World countries. The United States passed a law saying that we would not purchase goods produced by children in factories, but this didn’t really help the children in the way they had hoped. Javdani’s Plata o Plomo: Silver or Lead discusses the production of drugs in Colombia. So many drugs are imported to the United States meaning there is a great demand. Where there is demand, there is supply and this comes from the very violent country of Colombia.

The actions of the United States have good intentions, but don’t quite get the results intended. In the issue of the child laborers in Third World countries, we thought that if we just stop purchasing these items things will be better. What really happened though was that the children were not released and were forced to stay in very small, unventilated areas without moving. The way to improve this situation would be to put into effect schools or safe areas for the children to go to because they are not allowed to work. We have to actually take action instead of just passing a law. If they can get the children free from their “owners,” and into these schools, we will be successful in reducing the problem of child laborers.

In the case of drug trafficking, the United States needs to reduce its demand for drugs. When the demand goes down, the supply will not be necessary. The government in Colombia is very violent when it doesn’t get what it wants. The United States often feels that sending money to the country will help with the situation, but then don’t monitor what the money is used for. It’s almost like we’re supporting the government by doing this, which is not the intention. They way to improve this is to monitor what the money is used for, and to reduce the demand for drugs. I believe this will help the situation in Colombia greatly.

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2 Responses to Faults in Actions of the United States

  1. fancycashew says:

    There is no doubt that what has happened and is happening in countries such as Colombia, China, and various Third World countries. As wonderful as the idea is of stopping these atrocities, accomplishing these goals is next to impossible for us here in the States.

    Next to an invasion of China to lift up these child workers, the demand for cheap product in European, North American, and South American countries is far too great for any sweat shop company to stop because of a few protesting Americans. Another problem lies within the apparent solution of schooling. Education is arguably the best investment any person could make, but that is over years of learning. These children do not have that time. Every member of their family must work in order for food to be placed on the table. Another solution must be created, but that solution has to come from the country itself. The one thing we can do as a people of America is attempt to change the mindset of the young businessmen that will one day be in charge of these companies. This is a change that will come with new generations.

  2. writerx3 says:

    I think you make a good point that we need start protecting these children by putting in schools or safe areas. obviously they are growing up in a place where working at a very young age is acceptable and much needed. We need to attack the central problem. Not buying products is just doing more harm than good. We should take a stand on how to make it safer for kids to grow up in a place like that. Another thing we can do is educate people how kids are being treated in these places, not to make them stop buying products but to skip to the direct problem and help these kids. Maybe get an education or maybe even food donations if their family is in terrible need of money. I think a lot of things can be done that would attack the central problem of this, which is that families in poverty need money therefore their kids work. If we give them another source of income or even donations of food we can help so many kids from working and going to school like they should be.

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