Bread Vs. Freedom

As I examined this week’s blog posts, I ran across an overwhelming number of blogs that discussed the issue with child labor as bread versus freedom. People also commonly examined the law that Americans look at the new proposed bill as if it were happening in America as opposed to happening in the country it is actually happening in. Two of our bloggers agree that not allowing children to work while refusing to address their monetary needs is not doing anything to help the situation.  One blogger confronted another blogger about their description of child labor as a “positive difference” and said that they should be careful in addressing it this way, as Congress is not focused on the country at large but is instead looking at the issue through an American lens, and thus not making a completely whole and positive difference.  A few of our bloggers were shocked by the complicated drug problems overseas.  Two bloggers had a riveting conversation about how money is not always the answer. They argued over what else could possibly be done, and brainstormed some possibilities such as examining the role of drug growers and strengthening protection of of our borders. Another main trend of the blogs was examining the role of education. Several bloggers suggested that education is the only way to get rid of the drug problem. Another pair of bloggers had a debate over whether America is stupid or unaware of drug wars affecting Mexicans. Overall, our bloggers are deeply contemplating several issues brought up over drug wars and child labor and can’t quite seem to come to any overwhelming conclusions over a best way to handle the situations.

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