Decisions, Decisions

Whenever there is a heated topic, one must look at both sides and pick one. Because this system exists, there will always be critics no matter what decision is made. Divakaruni, Javdani, and the class all argue on the theme of decisions and the importance of their consequences. It is hard to see the consequences of actions until they actually happen. Judging a situation is difficult because there is never a cut and dry answer with right on one side and wrong on the other. Toastedravioli writes that “If people knew that their actions had global consequences, rather than just consequences for their own lives, they might see drugs differently, and maybe positive change would happen.” There are so many details when a decision is made that choosing one action over another may simply be a lesser of two evils instead of the correct choice. But with this comes danger. As twoheadedmouse touches on, how can America make a decision that is supposed to be correct on child labor: one side children do not have to work in harsh conditions, but on the other they will no longer have money to feed themselves. A decision needs to be looked at from many angles and then judged at this point.

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