Meta: Keep out of it America! No wait, keep helping, No wait…

We as a group cannot reach a unanimous decision on the best way for America to help out with the problems of drug-trafficking and child labor. Should we kick those children out of job they need to support their families, what about forcing peasants to stop growing coca? What about providing schools and continuing funding to help attempt to stop these problem? Do we cut off the demand for drugs/cheap goods in our country? Some believe we should cut down our involvement to nothing, others think we should turn our efforts for our own country, and still others believe we need to be even more involved in an attempt to solve these problems. All of these were ideas thrown around and discussed this week both in these posts and in class. The majority seem to agree that the problem with the solutions that the U.S. has tried already is that we’ve approached them from the viewpoint of our culture and ideals, not what fits the culture and ideals of the countries facing these problems. Fancycashew said it best “As wonderful as the idea is of stopping these atrocities, accomplishing these goals is next to impossible for us here in the States.” There’s so many catch-22’s with creating a feasible solution to the problems addressed in the readings. We really aren’t aware of every mitigating circumstance surrounding the reasons for children being sold to work in sweatshops and peasants willing growing coca for aggressive drug lords. This isn’t something the U.S. can solve for the other country, it’s something the U.S. needs to solve WITH the other country.

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