Meta: Large Problems Require Large Solutions

This week the articles the class read were about child labor / sweatshops and drug trafficking. These are two large problems, and both require large solutions. A simple, one-sided proposal made by Congress to ban imports made by child labor / in a sweatshop is not enough to stop the problem. This solution, as brought up by daretobepresent, has many consequences as well. For example, what is more important for a sweatshop worker, money to provide for his or her family or freedom? There needs to be a compromise, but I’m not sure how the compromise will or even could come about. As sproles43 brings up, yes child labor looks bad and should ultimately be stopped, but then again we’re looking at the issue from the outside. To ultimately come to a consensus of a solution we must not rely solely on what the government or committees think best, but rather these committees must work with those who experience these hardships, and form a solution.

Drug trafficking, a huge and difficult problem was brought up in the essay by Javdani. This problem affects millions of people and constantly sending money is not the solution. As Toastedravioli brings up, the United States needs to look into educating Americans about the problem and the consequences. Solebearing says that the United States is not taking enough action, and I completely agree. The readings this week were true eye openers, and the class realizes that both of these large problems need large solutions.


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