Pick a Side

The two essays for this week’s blog posts pose the argument of whether the United States is actually helping the situations in foreign countries when it comes to policy-making for child labor and drug distribution.  The popular trend was bloggers debating whether they agreed or disagreed on these stances.  For example, solebearing “…oppose[s] any sort of law that made certain drug use illegal.”  Opposing this argument, perrytheplatypus22 states “…taking away the right to use drugs is within reason.”  Whenever controversial issues come up in our readings, we must pick which side of the issue we agree with.  My high school AP American Government teacher used to say that we had to choose which side of the fence we were on or we’d get splinters up the butt.  Taking a stance when reflecting on these matters is important because it allows us to see what is important to us and what makes us tick.  Our value system comes into play when we are willing to fight for what we believe is right.  This week’s readings revealed bloggers’ beliefs.  Many were willing to fight for what they thought was just and many of them succeeded.

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