Both ends of the spectrum

This week we see two almost polar opposite views of illegal immigration.  In Krikorian’s work, he goes in depth about the security threat posted by illegal immigrants.  He states, “While ordinary people don’t need hearings to know there’s a link between immigration and security, a fuller understanding of the issue is necessary if we are to fix what needs to be fixed and reduce the likelihood of future attacks.”  I agree immigration is a problem that needs to be taken care of if it is causing security threats to our homeland.  Krikorian gives us the evidence we need to link the attacks and immigration.  It leads me to the question, why can’t our government do more to keep us safe?

Danticat gives us another view.  She and her family are immigrants, and they are here legally.  She emotionally ties herself to the story reminding us of her father’s words, “Could have very well ben us.”  Danticat is writing to argue for the sake of fellow immigrants who weren’t as luck.  These people are being mistreated by the U.S. government.  Can’t the government do a better job.  We seem to have a history of punishing a large group of people due to the actions of a select few.  We did this with the atomic bomb, WW II internment camps, and now with immigration.  The U.S. really needs to do a better job at the immigration issue.  They can please the arguments of Danticat and Krikorian at the same time.  The government needs to evaluate use of security and use those evaluations to tighten up security the right way.  I do not want to see my government use MY tax dollars to hold people that aren’t a threat and don’t deserve to be held.


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  1. hellohisunshine says:

    When you say “The U.S. really needs to do a better job at the immigration issue,” what do you mean? I agree with you, but want to know more. Yes, when you suggest that the government should better evaluate the security situation, it is something the U.S. can do. However, there needs to be more than just evaluating security. The whole controversial issue of immigration exists mainly because immigrants believe that they can find a better life here in this country than in their own. A lot of Americans don’t take into consideration that these people don’t actually want to leave their home, their country, their family, or basically everything they know. They are venturing into a new, foreign place where they don’t know many people, if any at all, and where everyone speaks a strange language. This doesn’t sound like an ideal life to me. Immigrants probably don’t think so either. Nevertheless, they want a chance to live a better life, so they come here to “The Land of Opportunity,” or so they think. Many face hardships even worse to what they had back in their homeland, such as the realities brought up in Danticat’s essay. One thing that the U.S. could do to reduce immigration is pump money into the homelands of the immigrants to help them stay there. If these people had a sufficient life in their own country, there would be no need to come to America.

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