Finding Balance Defense of a Nation and of the Human Person

The major thread that runs through the blog posts for this week is that of the balance between national security and the treatment of immigrants.  The major concern is how do we defend the dignity of the human person while also defending our nation that the people within our country.  Fancycashew presents the question of the benefits and costs of being blind to the suffering of the immigrants in order avoid another terrorist attack on our nation, like the terror that struck our nation on September 11th.  Many bloggers bring forward the idea that as a nation we need to be aware of how we treat immigrants and also the effectiveness of immigration process on the security of the nation. Yellow63 states that  “People with bad intentions slip through the cracks while innocent and needy people can’t get the care or protection they need.”  The correct balance of security and immigration policy to respect and protect immigrants is debated throughout the blogs.  After September 11th, the United States needed to recreate a sense of security amongst it’s people, but they walked a fine line in creating a place of security for the people already dwelling in the United States and upholding the country as a place of refuge for those who sought it. The main question becomes, what can the government do to increase the security of the nation and also uphold the dignity and the value of all people? As yellow 63 states, “America is supposed to be the shining city for all, a beacon of hope for those who need it. When we look into the face of an immigrant, we need to understand that they are human.” Hashubah points out that we are a nation created by immigrants and that by recognizing this we may in turn tailor our immigration policies to favor the same people that brought our nation into existence.  The question is so intricate and complex that through the blogs no consensus was made, but ardenscor points out one thing that holds true, in response to terrorist attacks, we need to be sure that our treatment of immigrants is not “similar to that of the terrorists we’re trying to stop.”  Although we must strive for national security and protect our nations citizens, we must also protect the human dignity of all immigrants that look to the United States as a place of hope and opportunity.

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