Immigration Control: The Lesser of Two Evils?

The debate this week centers around immigration. Is the current immigration system too strict, or not strict enough? One side argues that immigration control needs to be strengthened considerably. The events of September 11th, 2001 clearly show the need for a stern oversight on who comes into the country. Terrorists could easily come into the United States if we let our guard down. Immigration control is, therefore, needed for the protection of America and its citizens.

Yet,  there is another side that points out the many problems with the strict control on immigration. In particular, many injustices have been found in the current immigration control model, such as in the case of the uncle of Danticat, who died in an immigration detention facility. This example is part of a larger argument. Does the United States treat immigrants like terrorists? Many believe that the immigrants are suspected to be terrorists as the base assumption. Guilty until proven innocent. Also, should immigrants be treated as terrorists? Is the suffering of one small group outweighed by the protection of the larger group? These and many similar issues were discussed in the posts this week. Yet, no real solutions were offered – which is to be expected, seeing as immigration is a complex issue that likely cannot be solved by a group of college students.

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