The Pen is Mightier then the Sword

The blogs for this week are torn between two arguments: 1) the pressing need to increase immigration laws to protect American society, and 2) the need to reform immigration treatment laws due to inhumane conditions immigrants live with. All the primary bloggers for this week agree that a coloration exists between immigration and terrorism.

The fear of terrorism after 9/11 continues to dominate arguments. The mindset of protecting American interests from all outside intruders shows itself in this week’s blogs. In the light of human right violations, the bloggers are still unable to part with the need for stricter immigration laws. The question What if? haunts the bloggers. The posts allude to another question not explicitly asked, but important in current debates on immigration. Do illegal immigrants have Constitutional rights?

Positively, all bloggers understand reform is needed. The current treatment of immigrants is against American values. The trick is increasing immigrant rights without decreasing security. How can American society accept illegal immigrates as humans without allowing them instant access into American society?

The blogs do not give an exact answer.What they manage to do is ask important questions, and provide a decent analysis of the issues facing immigration in American politics.

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