We Can’t Make Everyone Happy

The US has regulations on immigration to prevent any terrorist attacks, but some people actually suffer from these regulations. I think it’s a very thin line the United States is walking. If they get too lenient in letting people in the country and something goes wrong, they will be the cause. If they make the regulations too tight, no one will be allowed in and our country will appear more like a dictatorship. I’m sure the government does everything they can to keep us safe, but it’s a big world with a lot going on and they can’t please everyone or prevent every bad thing that happens. Swifttigercrouchinginwoods asks “why can’t our government do more to keep us safe?” I think this is a question a lot of people ask, but it’s not an easy question. The government does what they can, but they aren’t perfect. They can’t save us from everything.  Also, their main focus is keeping American citizens safe, but they are such a large superpower that they have some responsibility to what is going on in other countries, such as in Haiti. Both of the pieces show problems with the immigration system. While we think of ways it could be fixed, I’m sure the government has good reason for their own regulations and is doing everything they can to keep us safe.

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