Call to Action: The Food Deserts of America

In his article “Good Food Manifesto,” Will Allen calls upon President Obama and Congress to look at their spending, and reallocate funds to research ways to prevent diseases rather than finding ways to cure them. One way to prevent diseases such as diabetes and obesity is by educating the public. In the article by Sarah Kliff, the argument that food deserts don’t even matter is brought up. She writes about how a food desert is defined, and how the person in the grocery store buying food is responsible for buying healthy food. Yes, the supermarket sells junk food, but they do also sell some nutritious options as well. Finally, the article by Rebecca Messner gives the reader a look at how one food desert is dealing with the lack of good food. A local church is growing their own food, spinach, kale, lettuce, etc. to give out to the community affected by the desert. The residents are happy with the option to have fresh grown and chemical free food that is supplied by a local organization. This is shown by how fast the food is given out at harvest time.


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  1. sproles43 says:

    I would argue that the most effective way to prevent these food deserts is by implementing the types of programs that this local church did. Not only does it provide an option very close to these people, but it also offers healthy food. If this food was sold at very low prices and if most of the funding for growing this food was based on donations, then I feel the community would be more willing to adopt this as a food choice. A main reason why these people eat at fast food restaurants is because this is a very cheap way of getting food. If the healthy food was sold at low prices, coupled with education about the health risks of eating junk food, I feel that people would definitely seek this healthy food. Ultimately, junk food saves money in the short run, but it can incredibly increase costs in the long run due to health issues.

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