Government + Education

“Demand, President Obama, that Congress and your own Administration begin without delay the process of reforming our farm and food policies.” In his article “Good Food Manifesto,” Will Allen directly addresses the President to take action regarding the food desert issue in the United States.  Allen believes that if the government gets involved with farm and food policies, this country will not have as many problems as it does now.  The agriculture in today’s society has become too industrialized.  I support Allen in his effort to make the government have more power over what goes on in the food industry.  We need policies that will help individuals be more self-sustaining and provide communities with affordable healthy options.  In the Washington Post article, one of the comments that a blogger posted was: “Proper nutrition takes education.”  I found this claim thought provoking because I had never thought of healthy eating in the light of proper education.  If I wasn’t taught in school or by my parents what foods were healthy and what foods were not, how would I know what to eat in order to have a nutritious diet?  Education of healthy vs. non-healthy foods in qualified food deserts is very important to the wellbeing of those communities.

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  1. solebearing says:

    I agree with hellohisunshine. In order to fix problems in the farming industry, the government needs to step in, or more specifically, change their tactics. Currently, the government is involved in food production: they subsidize corn, cotton, soybeans, and other plants that we do not need in such large amounts. In practice, they are giving piles of money to produce high fructose corn syrup, plastics, and fuel, all of which do not help individuals become any more healthier. The government needs to change tactics by subsidizing other plants that will actually improve health in the country. Unfortunately, they are not going to do that while there is so much money generated in the economy from selling products with plastic and fructose in it. This is where the education component comes in. Education is the key to changing the future because it can allow the culture to change what foods they eat and how much plastic they need. By changing the demand, the people can change what the government will subsidize and create a healthier community where fresh food is available everywhere.

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