Launch Post: Price is more important than access

In the “Good Food Manifesto”, Will Allen is claiming that food deserts do exist and is calling on the government to help solve this issue. In fact, he specifically calls upon congress, and President Obama. None of those people may ever read this, but his point is made that he wants the government to get involved by increasing funding or congress revising the guidelines of the National Recovery Act. Then we move to the Washington post article that states “no study has found a connection between increased access to healthy food and improved health care outcomes.” This article seems to think that just by increasing access to healthy foods, doesn’t mean that the people will actually buy them; they may just keep buying the unhealthy foods. In the comments some people suggest that this is because food habits will keep people buying the same foods regardless of newer foods introduced, or that the lower cost of unhealthy foods makes them the more likely to be purchased than the more pricy healthy foods. The urbanite Baltimore piece seems to praise the local church that grows fresh foods for the community. In this case people come and get produce here, but keeping in mind the previous article we have to ask why. Some of the produce is given away, making it cheaper than buying unhealthy foods at the convenience stores. This is what is bringing people in to the markets. It seems as though price is more of a problem than access. If there is equal access to health and unhealthy foods, lower income families will probably choose the lower priced food. Currently that means they choose unhealthy foods. Will Allen calls for more access, but what if we called for changes in pricing. If healthier foods cost less, we might just become a healthier America.


About Elizabeth

Hello. If you’re reading this blog you probably know who I am, but in case you don’t: My name is Elizabeth. I’m from Buffalo, NY. I go to college in Saint Louis, MO. and right now I’m studying abroad in Brussels, which is in Belgium (which is not in France, or Germany, or Genovia..) and I live in a small town called Tervuren. It’s a bit complicated.This blog is mainly about the small things I notice that are different between where I’ve grown up and lived and here in Europe/Belgium/Brussels/Tervuren or wherever my study abroad adventures take me. Most of the things i talk about are really of not much importance, but are interesting to me. Sorry if you think it’s lame and boring. Have a great day!
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