Meta post: Hard to be Healthy

This week’s posts give the general consensus that being healthy isn’t always the easy or affordable thing to do.  All of the bloggers seem to be searching for a solution but cannot agree on one.  Will Allen’s presented solution comes across as slightly flawed in this week’s posts.  Mr. Allen wants to teach people to grow one’s own produce, yet the bloggers seem to be of the opinion that this is not likely to happen.  Dreamsicle123 states correctly, ” Growing one’s own fruits and vegetables is a time consuming and laborious process.”  I would go on to say that my classmates feel that Mr. Allen’s concept is a dream world that is not necessarily realistic.  Daretobepresent talked about how the real problem is with our grocery stores.  The vibe I get this week is that people feel that this is a financial situation.  It is not financially feasible to be healthy either for the consumer or for the producer or seller.  This week’s post left people continuing to search for the right answer yet more aware while searching in a fight to give everyone the healthiest food possible.

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