Meta Post: Knowledgeable and Pricey Solutions

The posts this week show each person’s point-of-view about food deserts and how to fix them. Everyone seems to agree that there is an issue with the lower class and unhealthy eating regardless of whether they would classify areas using the term “food desert” or not.  In each post and comment users are voicing their ideas about where the issue of unhealthy foods and the lower class ultimately lies.  Posts are especially focused on how users believe this issue can be fixed.  By far, the most common answer involves education and price.  Everyone seems to be in agreement that part of the reason why the lower class does not buy healthy foods is because it is more expensive and that lowering prices would help a great deal.  However, most do not think that this is enough.  On top of lowering prices, awareness (through education) is being advocated for.  Overall, it seems as if most posts have got almost identical theses: if the lower class is educated about healthy eating, and prices are made affordable for them, then the strong link between lower income and poor dietary health will diminish greatly.

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