Meta Post – Change can’t happen overnight

After reading this week’s articles along with the launch posts and query responses, I can say that this issue is far more complicated than I thought it was.  As the launch and query posters have made clear, there is no easy solution to the food insecurity problem in America.  Several launch posters including Hashubah, F0rnarnia, and Joycemichelle all argued that simply increasing access to healthy foods will not solve the problem.  As Hashubah pointed out, “…price is more of a problem than access.”  While many posters saw Will Allen’s ideas as part of the solution, there is much more to it than just that.  Hellosunshine, Solebearing, and Joycemichelle all added that education is an important part of the solution.   Hellowsunshine argued that educating Americans about healthy foods should fall under the responsibility of the government.  It seems to be that this class is in agreement with one thing – access is not the only problem.  Even if the poor had equal access to food, a cheeseburger off the dollar menu at McDonald’s is still going to cost less than a bag of tomatoes.  Even if the tomatoes cost about the same, someone would have to know how to cook with tomatoes in order to make a meal with them.  So, while urban farms and people like Will Allen are part of the solution, much more needs to be done to read a food secure America.

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