Meta: What Works

This week’s launch and query writers are clear supporters of building a healthier food culture. After analyzing the articles the writers challenged the proposed ideas for what’s needed to increase, maintain, promote and create a healthier society. The writers point out that nutrition education is important because too many of us remain unprepared to make the healthiest choices, especially for those living in poverty. But education is not the only issue affecting how we eat.  They realize that eating or obtaining healthy foods can be overwhelming and unrealistic for both low-income and time-stressed families and a result most Americans seek out fast and processed foods, not for the convenience and the taste, but for the price. There is also the realization that plopping down a grocery store does not mean that the rural and urban poor will completely reject processed or fast food and began to focus more on buying fresh meats, vegetables and fruits. That would be more expensive. However, most agreed that the best method for increasing heath and awareness would be through community involvement and the incorporation of local organizations and volunteerism, such as community gardens.


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